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Strategy Advisors exists to help public and private sector enterprises generate unique business models to grow systematically and sustainably. We employ our proprietary Excel tools to work collaboratively with our customers to produce a dynamic, data-driven business model as the basis for an Accountable, Actionable, and Acceptable strategic plan.


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Common Cause of Failure of “Great” Corporations


In 2004, Blockbuster movie rentals peaked with 84,000 employees and 9,000 stores.

  • They began operations in 1985 and declared bankruptcy 25 years later in 22010.
  • They got stuck in a static business model ignoring the digital revolution.


Beginning in 1937, and following nearly 65 years in business, Polaroid was fixated on an aging and stale business model; they were unable to anticipate or to accept the impact of digital cameras. They eventually faded into history.

  • Neglected to dynamically update their business model to explore advent of digital  


The darling of war-time babies and the baby boomers, Toys R US recognized on-line sales after a failed effort with Amazon.

  • They declared bankruptcy in 2017.
  • Their business model had no meaningful digital Channels.

Pan Am

For almost 20 years, Pan American World Airways was the largest international air carrier in the United States.

  • Mired in its static business model, their final landing ended up in bankruptcy in 1991.
  • Cause of failure: business model not driven by innovations.

Today, small(er) businesses fail at an alarming rate:

  • 20% go under in the first 2 years of operations
  • 50% abandon operations after 5 years of hard work
  • 70%+ quit, exhausted and frustrated

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